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Join our 2 screens :)


6PM > Feature > LE VOCI SOLE (1.20min): One family's life goes haywire at the start of the pandemic as the matriarch-now without her steady housekeeper income-encounters a new kind of fame and celebrity when she begins teaching cooking lessons over the internet.

8PM > Doc > HIDE AND SEEK(1.25min) + Q/A: follows four years in the life of “scugnizzo” streetkid ENTONI as he fights for freedom during a state crackdown on children at risk of entering organised crime in the city of Naples.


5.30PM > Italian shorts slot! From genre to drama!

7.30PM > Doc > THE HUDDLE (51min)> A story that unfolds between two cities that were the scene of the deepest events that marked the Irish community during the twentieth century: Glasgow and Belfast, divided by a stretch of sea but united by the same culture + GOOD TIMES FOR A CHANGE(45min) > May 2019. In the small town of Tromello, near Milan, Italy's first transgender mayor is elected. 

9.15PM > Confetti Shorts (15min) + Feature > MASCHILE SINGOLARE(1.40min) > Antonio completely relies on his husband, emotionally, economically, and psychologically. When they break up, he finds himself in need of a home, a job, and, more importantly, a purpose.


12PM > Concert > From Nino Rota to Ennio Morricone: Italian Soundtracks Through The Ages (1.10min)As part of Marcello Italian Film Festival, a little concert for our guests - a special panel by Michele Catania about the most famous soundtracks in italian movies: from Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, Marco Biscarini and Michele too.

1.15PM > Made4kids: special screening and activity > Screening of the short THE GOLDEN CITY(21min) and craft activity delivered by Italian School of Nottingham, a nice MERENDA will be offered for every kid.

1.30PM > Made4Teens: THE LITTLE BROOMSTICK RIDER (32min) > When a nine-year-old boy in 1620s Bavaria goes on trial for witchcraft, a flabbergasted court must decide the child’s fate. Based on Ludwig Bechstein’s The Little Pitchfork Rider + TUTU'(15min)> A small town in southern Italy is shaken by the death of Maria La Torre, a very young dancer who died of anorexia. Ester, a classmate for whom Maria represented an ideal of beauty and talent suffered the loss the most. As if tied by an invisible thread, Ester seems destined for the same fate as her friend.

3PM > Feature > IL LEGIONARIO (1.22min) to follow an open access panel "Italian identities and representation on screen"(60min) > Daniel, a second generation Italian, is a police officer in the Mobile departments, part of a police squad often called to evict occupied buildings in Rome. The team is a family for him, despite the comradely integration within it always carries an asterisk in the background for the only black policeman in the department. However, Daniel also has a real family that he tries to keep hidden from his colleagues, a mother and a brother who live in a building that has always been occupied under threat of eviction. Patrick, a brother full of grudges due to Daniel's work, is among the most active on the occupiers' committee, and the two lives cannot be kept apart for much longer.

4PM > Feature > LA TANA (1.28min) + Q/A > In the summer of his nineteenth year, Giulio has decided not to go away: he will spend his vacation at home, helping his parents with their work in the vegetable garden. In the house next door, empty for some time, arrives Lia, a twenty-year-old girl. Giulio would like to get to know her, but she is sullen and introverted. One day Giulio is swimming in the lake and Lia plays at drowning him. Giulio is a regular guy, sensitive and polite to a fault. Attracted to her, he starts thinking about her day and night.

6PM > Doc > THE PERFECT SPEED (60min)> In 2014, at the height of his career, downhill champion Walter Belli crashes in training. When he wakes up he is quadriplegic. Walter does not give up, and tells himself without hiding the more dramatic sides of his reality, but also with irony + THE DAY I BECAME A BRITISH CITIZEN (15min) > Brexit and the pandemic are just the latest hurdles for migrants around the world. This documentary explores the naturalization process for UK-based migrants in lockdown.

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